TRAVELOLOGIC.COM.COM comes up with various ONLINE TRAVEL PRODUCTS for AIRLINES / HOTELS / HOLIDAY PACKAGES / INSURANCE & CAR rental which will be handled by a dedicated team to help, support and maintain the high quality of service for their valuable clients.


  • Quick response from our dedicated team
  • Multiple options for the airlines
  • Follow up with our professional reservation team
  • Trying level best for confirmations for waitlist segments
  • Additional services like meal request/seat request / frequent flyer membership
  • Special group fare
  • Discounted level fares
  • Corporate or Tri-Party Contracts with the particular airline
  • You can access more than 130 airlines to reach your desired destination with easy search


  • Multiple options for the global hotel's worldwide
  • Follow up with our professional reservation team to get much better rates
  • Trying level best for confirmations for hotel rooms during high season
  • Requesting for better amenities and room services for the hotel
  • Special group fare during the time of exhibitions and MICE meetings,
  • Discounts on hotel rates
  • Tri-Party Contracts with the particular hotel, if the number of booking is constant with the same hotel
  • A huge inventory of 1-5 star accommodation all over the world can be accessed for 160,000 rooms on offer of every night in more than 30,000 properties. The properties range from small independent hotels to major international chains, from budget to luxury hotels. Top Travel team have contractors around the world are constantly on the road visiting hotels, assessing and contracting face-to-face with suppliers. For every hotel a report is written, location and property details and photographs are captured and this information is available online. Work hard to obtain great allocations at the most competitive prices is our main motive.


Our tourism services don’t end when the ticket is purchased and the accommodation is secured, but it goes further than that, as our experts are working on providing you with the best product and service in line with our expertise of over 10 years in planning holidays. We also offer a wide range of tourism programs in unique and distinct destinations worldwide to suit the desires of our customers and their requirements, including travel, accommodation, visas, car rental, sightseeing tours and more, all through our offices. We are known for the exclusive destinations we offer at competitive prices and high-end services which also sets us apart in the travel and tourism market.

Service Features

  • A featured selection of hotels, residential units, resorts, islands, condos and villas around the world
  • Health and travel insurance services to countries around the world
  • The ability to customize your trip program to suit you and your family’s needs
  • Complementary services with special promotional offers
  • Customized services to help arrange your trip and collect you upon arrival all around the world
  • Our staff are your guide to ensuring you receive the best destinations, tours and locations to suit your preferences.


Millions of travellers rely on travel insurance, to help them recover from unexpected circumstances that can interrupt their travel plans. You are insured against expenses and inconvenience caused by emergency medical conditions, delayed flights, hotel cancellation, baggage delays, and so on. TRAVEL INSURANCE also offers additional benefits such as Medical Evacuation, Trip Cancellation or Curtailment, Travel Delay, Hazardous Sports and Terrorism Extension. You can easily access travel insurance products and emergency assistance services globally. Our global reach, unparalleled service quality and proven operational capabilities allow our customers to receive the best-in-class care.


Book your clients a private vehicle and driver to meet and transfer them directly to their destination. No need to worry about the fare, no waiting for a local taxi, bus or train. We can provide your clients with a comfortable, secure and convenient transfer service in over 850 destinations.